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Why learn another languauge at an early age

Lucy from Lingtot in Darlington gives us 6 great reasons to learn another language at an early age.

1. Learning another language helps children understand the world we live in and other cultures better.

2. Starting early is better – if the new language is introduced early and well, children pick up a second language naturally, just like they learn their mother tongue.

3. Our global community means it is vital to be able to communicate with other communities around the world.

4. Singing songs, reading together and having fun with friend’s gives children ahead start to develop socially and emotionally.

5. Improved communication skills – speaking and listening are the cornerstone to literacy development.

6. We are preparing them for the future – competence in foreign languages is increasingly valued by universities. Languages are now compulsory in English primary schools and a language is also a compulsory element of the EBacc qualification at Secondary level too.


Lucy Cass runs Lingotot Darlington which offers Modern foreign Language provision (French/Spanish/Mandarin and German) to babies, toddlers and young children up to the age of 11 through community classes, nurseries and primary schools. Sessions are fun and interactive and include singing, games/play, stories and craft activities.



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