Summer fun at Paradise Park by Ruby Aged 6 ¾

18 Jul 2013 Posted by: Sam Hartley
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 A child of one of our KalliKids members recently visited Paradise Park with her school. Here is what she though of it. 


First we went into a scary dinosaur room I think it was called dinosaur track.

After that we came to a spooky caveman room behind the caveman there was a shadow it was a wolf and it was moving.

Then we came into an interesting Egyptian room. The Egyptian had a funny hat on.

Later on we came into a funny kind of cactus garden we were NOT allowed to touch the cactuses at all.

A while later we found ourselves in a kind of Japanese garden where there was a bridge and underneath the bridge were some massive and small fishes. They were AMAZING!

While we were in the Japanese garden there was a kind of big and small model of the Royal Pavilion, I really liked it and another good thing about it was that it played posh music and span around. When we were still in the Japanese garden some pipes were spaying water and I got SOAKING.

Then we went round some bushes in the middle of the bushes the was a big pond in the middle of the pond thee was another spraying pipe. Inside the bushes there were some more little and big building, one was Bodium Castle.

Next we came to a dead end and in the dead end there was a tree made out of CD discs it was all sparkly. I liked that too.

Then we came to a place it was called witches den. The witch was really freaky. I got scared.

After that I saw a big plastic tarantula. Later we came to a balcony underneath the balcony there were some more massive fish and some eels.


The best bit of the whole day was when we had a ride on the train and could scream as loud as we could. We got to go 3 times!

I think Paradise Park was the best school trip EVER!

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