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15 Apr 2014 Posted by: Guest blogger

Having made the very difficult decision choosing our shortlist we were finally down to four little swimmers that we wanted to meet, of which one would become our sponsored child.  

All four were invited to attend a splash and play session at our Aquatots training pool in Selsdon with me Natalie Watt & Director Evy Bentz-Jones, to give us the chance to meet the mum’s and babies and also give them some fun in the water.

Our shortlist, pictured here from left to right, were... 9 month old Nicolas, 6 month old Olivia,  7 month old Beatrice & 5 month old Darcy.  What a lovely little bunch they were! Four happy Mums and 4 happy babies all eager to get in the water.  

We provided them all with nice new little Happy Nappy swim outfits to wear in the pool and once they were all changed and had been given their health & safety briefing, we were straight into the water.  Immediately our happy little swimmers were splashing away!
During the 30 minutes they were all in the water we aimed to give them a taster of what happens in the first few lessons when joining Aquatots and showed them some of our very first life saving skills that we teach our babies and toddlers so the Mums came away with some valuable skills in just the one session.     
 At the end we finished with a few songs whilst sitting on our raft which is always very popular. 
It's quite normal for our Mum’s to be a little nervous when first getting in the water with their precious little ones but all four Mum’s were fantastic.  They remained calm, positive and enthusiastic throughout the session and if they continue in that manner, all four babies will have wonderful swimming bonding experiences throughout their early years.
It became very apparent that although we could only award a sponsorship to one lucky swimmer,  we had to reward all 4 for their very keen swimming and to keep them encouraged to continue in what will be such a valuable skill to have. Therefore our Director Evy announced that the three that did not receive the Sponsorship would still be given a free term of swimming lessons with Aquatots so that everyone can continue swimming in our new term which begins in April. 
All four Mum’s were delighted and off they went with happy but tired little babies that all slept well after such an exciting morning!
It was then time for us to make that difficult decision and chose our one lucky baby that would become our Sponsored Child. After much discussion we decided upon little Olivia and Mum Louise.  
Louise is delighted to be chosen and already eager to get started.  We can't wait to see how Olivia gets on and will be getting lots of reports from Mum & Teacher on her journey with Aquatots plus hopefully some exciting film footage or her time in the water which we will share with everyone.
We are also very excited to see our other three little ones, Darcy, Beatrice and Nicolas get on in their swimming term and hope their Mum’s will keep us all posted with some updates and photos.

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