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One week of Playdates Challenge - 15 minutes of fun everyday

KalliKids Champion Carly has a challenge for you all  in the next week...

We all lead such busy lives and although most of this centres around our family and children, I realised that there is little time taken out of my day to play with my kids. There are always piles of laundry and dirty dishes to attend to, a never ending to do list and work deadlines to meet which seem to consume the hours of the day at an alarming rate. Although homework is time dedicated to them, it’s still ‘work’ for them so I can’t count that as quality fun time together. As I race around trying to complete my tasks and chores for the day, I watch my children playing by themselves after a long day at school and something doesn’t feel right.Fun autumn activities with the kids for half term - family walking in woods

The time we get with them is so precious and they grow up so quickly. So before they are teenagers and want nothing to do with me, I better start creating some precious memories and moments to treasure, whilst giving them all the love and attention they need to grow and develop.

So I decided that for 15 minutes each day, everything else can wait. To some people that may not sound like a lot of time to give them but it’s a guideline to get started. In our case, taking the kids attention span and independent attitudes into consideration, 15 minutes seems like long enough to do something creative, yet not bore them where it feels like a chore to spend time with me.

Once you have decided how much time to commit to on a daily basis, you can start coming up with some ideas of things to do. Your kids will probably have a few suggestions of things they’d like to do and once you have explained the time frames to them, you can allow them to choose what activities you will do for the next week. Depending on how many kids you have, you can either give them a time frame each or it can be shared time together where you are all involved in something at the same time. I will be doing a combination of both, as it is easier to take them both swimming at the same time for example, yet I will also give them individual attention and time on their own interests.

I will also be giving you one idea a day for the next week to get you started if you need some inspiration so watch this space…

Carly lives in Wokingham with her husband and two children. Carly helps parents get connected with the best activities in Berkshire and is looking forward to meeting parents at events in the area. To find out about KalliKids accredited activities in the Berkshire area follow Carly's Facebook page. If you are an activity provider in Berskshire who would like to find out more about becoming KalliKids accredited you can contact Carly here.




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