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12 Feb 2016 Posted by: A KalliKids Champion

With Valentine’s Day on it’s way we start to see beautiful balloons in windows, large velvet roses in every florist and the classic dine in for two in the super markets.

It’s a beautiful time of year where we are reminded to show everyone we love that we love them. I used to think it was a fad! A money spinner, until I had children. With building a business, running a home and bringing up two beautiful children it's easy to forget to show them you love them - I know this is obvious of course I love my family but to switch off all emails, buy those favourite flowers, chocolates and creating some beautiful Valentine’s crafts with your little ones, or all cooking a fab meal together and a general spoil sesh! Is a must after the long depressing Jan.

Running a keepsake business I LOVE VALENTINES DAY!, Easter and Mothering Sunday, the keepsakes are magical and truly easy to come up with and look totally amazing.

We all love a keepsake with our little ones and let’s face it they don’t stay young for long, that’s why I do my classes as it’s the best feeling in the world when me and my girls create our masterpieces together. Them picking the colours, painting their hands and feet me adding the finishing touches. We all get covered in paint and have the time of our lives, my girl’s imaginations have grown bigger and my oldest has a fabulous eye for art. She knows how to mix colours together, thinks about placement and it great at picking my weekly themes for my classes. The best part is as they grow up they see me using the mug they painted, hang their canvas’s on the wall and wearing my apron, they are so proud that their creative art work is being used and displayed, a fabulous confidence builder.

  • The best prep for crafting with your children especially with canvas’s and larger crafts is to purchase a couple of splash mats. Use one on the table, be sure to tape it down underneath as we all know little ones will pull at it. The other splash mat for the floor.
  • I personally don’t use aprons as we have craft clothes instead then I can strip them and put them straight in the machine. I also now use cheeky wipes and have them at arms reach with a towel to wipe any hands and feet straight after (my little one often legs it and leaves footprints across my wooden flooring)
  • Keep what you need to a minimum paper paints are good as you can fold them and bin them as you go. As a toddler with a paint brush and pot can be mayhem in your beautiful dining room.
  • I find the more organised you are and the more you do it, you will improve on the level of mess and relax a lot more, I can know leave mine with brushes, pens and other crafty tools and they generally wait for me to guide them.

Never expect it to be perfect – things never go to plan when you have children and that’s the best bit about doing craft with them, I used to want everything to look perfect for a wall space and regularly attempted twice or three times to get it perfect, but found I always went back to the first as no doubt it had a story to tell. If they are uncomfortable in having their hands or feet painted let them explore with the paint instead, you do not want them to start disliking it remember it is meant to be fun for them too. We always reward a good handprint with a pirate cheer and praise them after.

We create loads of magical keepsakes for our family and myself they make great gifts, so why not try a Valentines canvas this year. For more information on my classes you can visit or view parent reviews on my KalliKids  profile page.


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