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KalliKids Favourite Blogs August 2015

This month's favourite bloggers are mums who are frugal, thrifty and pennywise. These family budgeting blogs show how to spend less, save more and teach kids to manage money.

Diary of a Frugal Family

Written by Cass, who says of her blog, “We’re far from perfect but the changes we’ve made so far mean that I have now been able to afford to reduce my hours at work. I’m now able to drop the kids off at breakfast club on a morning and be there again to pick them up from school which is fantastic. We still have a long way to go, some debt to pay off and a lot more money to be saved and made and I hope that you’ll be right here with us, following our journey.”

We love: 10 Random frugal habits that will improve your life (or at least your bank balance) A blog post on easy to change habits which help save families money.
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Baby Budgeting

Written by Becky Goddard-Hill a mum of 2 and published author of ‘How to afford time off with your baby’. Becky’s award winning blog posts on how to save money by making clever purchases, recycling and being thrifty as well as make money by making extra income on top of a regular salary.

We love: 3 things that I wish I had bought preloved for my baby. A practical article on how to spend and save where it counts.
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Simply Being Mum

The Simply Being Mum Blog started about food and reducing food waste and is now also a blog about a journey toward a simpler family life.

We love: Simply Being Mums Summer 600 Challenge The average family have around £600 of unwanted saleable items in their home. Join the challenge and see how much you can raise.
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    11:49AM 05 Sep 2015 Reply

    Thank you for featuring my blog!