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KalliKids Favourite Bloggers September 2015

This month’s favourite bloggers are home educators. Their blogs diarise a day in the life of families who educate their children from home, their reasons for doing so as well as resources for educational projects to do at home.

Classroom Free

Written by Julia Pollard a home-educating mum of six, Classroom Free is a well presented blog that diarises the family’s adventures in home education with beautiful pictures as well as sharing a free printable timetable to keep learning on track

We love:  Our home Education Story - An insight in to the reasons why the family chose to home educate.
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An Ordinary Life

Written by a science mad mum of four who also runs her own business providing fun science sessions and parties for kids. An Ordinary Life features blogs on the family’s home educating as well as tons of fun resources for science experiments and maths challenges to try at home.

We love: Making Cornflour Slime Just one of the many science based projects on the blog to try at home with the kids.
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Do try this at Home

Meet the Meek Family who in 2014 quit their jobs and took their kids out of school to go adventuring around the UK and abroad. Both parents and children write on the blog about their adventures and the things, people and places they have learnt about in the process.

We love:  Around Africa, its Geography, Wildlife and Habitats - An account of a journey through South Africa to Zimbabwe learning about people, landscapes and animals along the way.

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