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03 Feb 2015 Posted by: Sarah Ryman

Here at KalliKids we love hearing about all the amazing things your kids do. Some of the most satisfying things for us to hear are the stories of inspiration and accomplishment. The children that go that extra mile to achieve their dreams, those that take in impossible challenges and those that try something new and find hidden skills and inspiration somewhere they never expected.

This is the first part in what we hope becomes a regular feature. Inspired by…

‘My name is Hannah and I am 11. I’m learning Guitar, Piano and Viola and I sing in two choirs. I visited Elderflower Fields Festival with my family and was inspired to practice harder and eventually reach my goals’


This is what Hannah thought about the live music she saw at Elderflower Fields Festival last May.

The first time I saw the electric harp played was by a band called The Moulettes. I was so inspired by their great music I went to see them again as soon as I could. When I bought their album at the festival they were so friendly and all signed it. They asked me if I played any instruments and the violin player told me she played the viola too and the cello player said her name was Hannah too and that her triangular cello had been made for her by her dad! They really inspired me to practice harder.

Hannah also took part in some music workshops at Elderflower Fields Festival.

‘I like the short instrument lessons that you can take part in which are taught by real musicians. It inspires you to start learning at home. Listening to all the bands is great as you can hear and learn how different instruments fit together’

‘’A musician called Richard Navarro held a workshop at Elderflower Fields which I took part in. He asked me to play a few chords on the piano and then sampled it for a song he was putting together. He explained lots about sampling and loops and how to use them when composing or on stage. It inspired me to have a go at home using an App called GarageBand and make my own loops try making music using the built in samples. I also recorded myself on the piano and then recorded singing with my sister’

Congratulations Hannah who has now passed her grade 5 piano with distinction and gained a music scholarship.

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To find out more about Elderflower Fields and the music workshops Hannah was inspired by click here.

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