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Insider guide to feeding baby - My Baptism in to breastfeeding

“When I came home from hospital with my first baby I felt completely elated but absolutely shattered. I had planned on a home birth but after a36hrs long drawn out labour I returned home the following day having had no sleep. No one at the hospital spoke to be about breast feed and I left without having latched my baby on or having completed a full feed.

It took me 5 days and many tears and tantrums before he successfully latched on. My nipples were cracked and bleeding and my boobs were the size of melons. However, I would not be defeated - I couldn’t after all, I was a professional. It was only pride and stubbornness that stopped me giving up. I cup and spoon fed my baby with (EBM) expressed breastmilk for all that time, as I found using the pump very difficult. My nipples were so badly cracked that the EBM was blood stained but I continued to pump despite the pain as I was so desperate to feed my son. I feared he might starve as I refused to give in to supplementary feeding.

On the 7th day I finally established my breastfeeding but I was feeling dreadful. I couldn’t sit down as I had painful haemorrhoids (piles) and my stitches were tight and uncomfortable. To add to my misery I had developed mastitis it was the day of our first anniversary and we had planned an intimate evening out. I was determined to go ahead so armed with my comfy cushion to sit on and dosed on painkillers along with my antibiotics off I went.”

My baptism into motherhood and breastfeeding that I will never forget!

My midwife did not have the time to spend ‘teaching’ me, and even though I had attended classes and had all the professional knowledge I still found breastfeeding one of the hardest practical skills to learn.

I wanted to help new mothers avoid the problems that I encountered despite being a qualified health visitor. When it came to being a parent my emotions got the better of me and all logic went out of the window.

I will not give you all the facts - there are loads of books out there that can do that - you probably have some of them on your shelve. Instead I will give you the ‘insiders’ practical tips. How to establish good breastfeeding habits so you will not end up like me or give up in frustration and pain, as many new mums do.

This is the first part of 3 blog posts. Part 2 will include ‘6 top breastfeeding tips’ and the final part will also cover formula feeding.

If there are any other topics you would like me to cover please contact KalliKids and I will feature a blog answering all of your queries. If you can’t wait until then do e-mail and I can forward my ‘Top 10 frequently asked questions on feeding'.

Please visit for information on the packages and courses I offer.

Click here to register for my FREE webinar ‘How to successfully breastfeed your baby’ 03.02.14 at 8-9pm


Ann Guindi (MSc, BSc (Hons), R.H.V, R.S.C.N, R.G.N) –Parent Educator, Mentor and Coach.

Ann Guindi

(MSc, BSc (Hons), R.H.V, R.S.C.N, R.G.N) - Ann Guindi

Parent Educator, Mentor and Coach at Parenting Peace

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  • Ann

    03:02PM 03 Feb 2014 Reply

    Just to remind you of my webinar at 8pm this evening please sign in at

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