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Insider guide to feeding baby – Breast is best?

This is the third post on feeding your new baby. Over the last 2 weeks I have written about my personal experiences of feeding in ‘My baptism in to motherhood’ and ‘6 top breastfeeding tips’.

As a HV I understand that not all mothers will breastfeed. This may simply be a choice, due to the fact that you are returning to work or that you tried and were not able to.
I know that breastfeeding is the best choice for babies but also totally support parents who wish to use formula. The main thing is that mothers and babies are happy and healthy.
Personally I feel it is unethical to judge anyone on their choice of feeding and a mother’s decision should be respected. Women are sometimes made to feel tremendous guilt over breastfeeding and this is wrong. Women put enough pressure on themselves without professionals adding to their stress levels. Personal rant over!

Here I will touch briefly on bottle feeding as I would like you to have some knowledge if breastfeeding is not for you.

Infant formula is a mine field for most professionals to keep on top of let alone new parents. There are now so many different types of milk and brands. It is impossible to keep up with technology and company marketing. There seems to be different milks to respond to every different need which can be very confusing.

Here is a sample of some of the most popular but there are more:


Standard - first, second, follow up and growing up milk.
Specialist milks- Pre-term, Pepti 1and 2, Anti reflux, comfort and lactose free.


Standard, first milk (gold cap), follow on milk (red cap), toddler milk (blue cap), extra hungry (blue cap),
Specialist milks - comfort, Gold prem 1 and 2.

Cow and Gate:

Standard - first infant milk, infant milk for hungrier babies, follow on milk, growing up milk,
Specialist - Reflux and regurgitation, colic and constipation (comfort), Vegetarian (Infasoy).
Formula can be either ‘whey dominant’, (stage 1) milk or ‘casein dominant’ (stage 2) milk. First stage milks are easier to digest and should always be used with newborn babies. Many babies are happy to continue with this first stage milk all the way up to a year old. There no reason to move onto a stage 2 milk.

I hope these articles have been helpful. If there is a topic you would like me to cover please contact KalliKids and I will feature a blog answering all of your queries. If you can’t wait until then do e-mail me on I can forward my ‘Top 10 frequently asked questions on feeding ‘.

Please visit my site for information on all of my packages and courses.



Ann Guindi - Parent Educator

(MSc, BSc (Hons), R.H.V, R.S.C.N, R.G.N) - Ann Guindi

Parent Educator, Mentor and Coach at Parenting Peace

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