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How do you show your kids that getting out of your comfort zone is good?


You can try new food ingredients at tea time, different musical instruments, go to drama class or start a new sport. There is so much you can do but sometimes picking something a little mad is good too!

So Sam in the KalliKids team, my sister Ann and I are all jumping out of a plane this coming Saturday. We are beginning to get a little nervous and, yesterday, booked the life insurance cover just in case which kind of made us think really what it meant. Our kids are coming to watch so they will definitely see their three middle-aged Mums out of their comfort zones. Way out of their comfort zones! There will no doubt be lots of screaming on the way down and lots of adrenaline. We’ll have to keep our language clean in front of the kids and be brave but we are three Mums so we can do that no problem.

All the nervousness is worth it though. It will all be in aid of a great cause: Chestnut Tree House. Chestnut Tree House do a fantastic job looking after very sick children and their families. The hospice is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year and our skydive is to help them along the way.

Ann and Karen are also jumping in memory of their sister Gillian. Gillian was born with spina bifida and died at 13 years old and the family understand from personal experience the relief that Chestnut Tree House can bring.

Here's Gillian on a family holiday in Scotland

So what do you fancy doing? What would get you out of your comfort zone and be a great example for your kids?

PS If you would like to sponsor us, please sponsor Sam or Ann+Karen.


Karen Bach

Founder - Karen Bach

Mum of two almost-teenage children, Founder of KalliKids and experienced in many different businesses including childcare and technology.


  • sarah

    11:23AM 22 Oct 2013 Reply

    Best of luck ladies. Will be thinking of you.

  • Debbie

    11:30AM 22 Oct 2013 Reply

    Rather you than me! Fingers crossed for blue skies!

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