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Give your child a head start for school

Give your child a head start for school

If your little one is facing their last year before starting big school, then you’ll no doubt want to do everything you can to cherish the time you have together whilst preparing them for what lies ahead. The transition from pre-school to primary school can seem huge and we are not always sure our children will be ready.

Learning to read is one of the biggest academic challenges facing children but should they start to read before they start school? Some parents are afraid of doing more than harm than good as they are uncertain how to teach reading or are afraid that their child will be bored at school if they learn too soon.

So, what should children know before starting school?

All children develop at different stages so there is no hard and fast rule about the level a child should attain upon entering school but if children are at least familiar with the alphabetic letters and the phonic sounds they make then this is the best foundation from which to start reading. If they are able to blend short simple words such as c-a-t then this is even better but the main thing to ensure is that children are pronouncing the phonic sounds correctly.

If you would like to give your child a little boost before they start school then you might want to consider the new educational activity classes now available for pre-schoolers. Phonics Fun help prepare children for school in a fun, relaxed way, by introducing letters and sounds (phonics) to 3-5 year olds using multi-sensory activities and imaginative games. Parents leave with a better understanding of phonics and how to support their child. Children leave having practised valuable listening and turn-taking skills and with a strong message that learning is fun. So when entering the classroom, there are less new challenges to face!

Phonics Fun sessions are delivered by qualified and experienced teachers and activities are mapped to the EYFS Framework. Teachers and parents alike have been impressed by the innovative activity classes offered by the Phonics Fun team. One primary school teacher states “they take all the worry out of the world of phonics and put the fun back - children who are relaxed and happy make the best learners and Phonics Fun gets it just right!

If you want a fun and varied activity class for your pre-schooler, which is stimulating and educational too, contact Phonics Fun for a free trial on 01892 548132. There are classes running every day across Kent but due to small class sizes spaces are limited. 

Ann-Marie Fisher

- Ann-Marie Fisher

 Phonics Fun teacher providing fun and interactive preschool classes, parties and holiday workshops in Kent.

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