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Escape to Kimbalu!

I love my home, but more recently I’ve started to find that by 10am I’m screaming "I'm a real person get me out of here!". When you have a small person who wants and needs all of your attention 24 hours a day you sometimes forget what you need for yourself. To keep you from going mad. And what I need most is adult company. It can be hard for a stay at home mum (or dad), so getting out and talking to others is always a healthy alternative to another day of Cbeebies and reading The Gruffalo for the millionth time.

My daughter and I recently escaped the house to try out Kimbalu in Southwick (also in Brighton and Shoreham).

We are well known at all the baby groups near our house and she has disgraced herself at most. A little bit like her mother to be honest, when she doesn’t like something she lets everyone else know about it (and generally spoils it for the others in the room by screaming and misbehaving – can’t think where she gets it from!)

We couldn’t have been made more welcome; Lorrie and Kimba (her monkey) took time to ask our names and showed us round and all the other mums where really friendly.

The venue is lovely and bright and an amazing place to hang out with your little ones all morning for a coffee and chat. Toys and space for the kids to run around and more than one class a morning gives it a real community centre social atmosphere with parents coming and going. As the class is in a separate room you can stay as long as you like in the family friendly café (a bonus for me as I have the oven to clean and laundry to do).

Lorries beaming face and fun voice is really engaging and the live piano music gives it real energy that the preschool kids love. Each class uses different instruments and props with modern and old classic songs and stories to keep it fresh. My daughter particularly enjoyed the parachute games and dancing and there is enough room for the bigger kids to express themselves in any way they wish without knocking the smaller babies and toddlers over.

After the class I chatted with some other mums who have been using the class for years with their different children. It was really nice to hear so many lovely comments and watch all the children play while we enjoyed a cuppa.

So, a BIG thumbs up for both of us. In true style we had to make a quick exit when my delightful daughter disgraced herself behind the toy kitchen (don’t ask!)

Thanks for making us so welcome Kimba (and Lorrie), we will be back!


Sarah Ryman

Marketing - Sarah Ryman

Mum of two primary school children, experienced in admin, procurement and marketing, focused on Expert Pin Boards and getting us ready for launch.

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