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Do your children challenge themselves?

Completing the latest level of World of War Craft or Candy Crush may have been some kids idea of a summer holiday challenge this year, but 8 year old Laurie Brading-Munn from Brighton went one giant step further.

Laurie started his summer holiday with a challenge to climb Britain’s highest 3 mountains. A mighty feet when your legs are only 60cm!

On the 1st August Laurie started with Ben Nevis in Scotland an conquered the 1344 metres giant.

Then over the next 4 days Laurie scaled Scafell Pike in the Lake District which is 978 metres.

Finally finishing the magnificent mountain trio with Snowdon in Wales which stands 1085 metres.

Laurie said:

‘I really enjoyed the challenge, especially walking on high mountain ridges with fantastic views'

'The most exciting bit was wading across a fast flowing swollen river on the way up Skafell Pike' 

'The scariest bit was battling against high wind and rain and the most unexpected bit was being able to have a snowball fight on Ben Nevis'

'What I have learnt with this challenge is that you have to be really prepared, the weather on mountains can change very quickly and you need the right clothes’.

Laurie plays roller hockey with KalliKids accredited Brighton Stormers and is now thinking about his next challenge.

We'd love to hear from you if your kids have set themselves challenges, big or small, or you want to tell us about some of their achievements. Get in touch

Sarah Ryman

- Sarah Ryman

Sarah is a mum of 2 young children who blogs @afieldsomewhere

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