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Define your Dance: Ballet, Contemporary and Creative

Do you have a budding dancer in the family but are baffled by the diversity of dance? Beth from Foxdale Dance (Sussex) is here to unravel the semantics of ballet, contemporary and creative dance!


A codified technique that strengthens the muscles, engages postural muscles, develops flexibility and co-ordination. Ballet works closely with music so students learn rhythm and develop musicality. Ballet is a fun and expressive form of dance.

Contemporary Dance:

The key principles of contemporary dance consist of movement vocabulary, co-ordination and confidence. Classes will involve warm up sequences, centre work, floor work and travelling combinations culminating in a challenging dance sequence. The Dance company classes will then have creative sessions to develop their choreographic skills. This is where students get to learn from one another and create their own vocabulary within structured tasks, lots of fun is had here!

Creative Dance:

Uses choreographic tools to develop student’s own movements and work with others to collaborate their ideas Students can take ownership of their own creations.

Interested in finding out more? Contact Beth at Foxdale Dance in Uckfield or search KalliKids here for a selection of other Dance classes recommended by parents.


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