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Children and culture

If you happened to stumble upon KalliKids Art Pin Board you may have also come across this article, written in February 2012, from the BBC - ‘British children are culture starved.

With statistics claiming that a quarter of parents ‘could not afford to visit attractions…28% saying they did not have the time and 18% believing their child was too young for culture’, as Mums, this certainly sparked off some debates within the KalliKids office .

Whilst the article quotes that of museums, art galleries and the theatre, which needless to say are excellent sources of inspiration and creativity for children, we started to think of other ways culture can touch your children’s lives, spark their imagination and shape their future ambitions.

We came to this conclusion. Ultimately it is not a matter of age, costs or even understanding, it’s about allowing your child to experience and absorb new things and activities.

Needless to say in preparation for the big KalliKids launch the team have contacted and learnt about a plethora of different kid’s activities, many of which we never knew existed! The variety out there for children and families these days is fantastic and it’s easier than ever to inject cultural learning into lives at any age (see Kindermusik who teach right from birth!)

Just because your child may not have the patience for the theatre or be enthralled by fine art, it doesn’t mean that culture will not influence their lives. By just getting them out there, meeting new and interesting people, visiting new places and opening their eyes to new activities our children are absorbing the culture around them, which ultimately will shape the people they become and the interests they have in years to come.


Zoe Craven

Marketing - Zoe Craven

Retail marketing graduate, focused on communications with parents and providers, social media and traditional marketing.

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