And the royal baby will be called...

09 Jul 2013 Posted by: Sarah Ryman

William and Catherine’s bundle of joy is due any day and the sweepstake at KalliKids HQ is hotting up.

However you feel about the Royal Family, this will be BIG NEWS.

As a child I remember the arrival of both William and Harry as I lovingly cut out every thumb sucking picture I could find for my scrap books. With recent changes to the accession rules, boy or girl, this little bottom will one day sit on the throne so William and Kate are naming the future King or Queen of England.

Big responsibility hey?

There is plenty of research suggesting the name you choose for your baby impacts them in later life and even has a bearing on which ‘life path’ they follow. The royal baby will not have this worry; their life is clearly mapped out before they are even born.

So does the name we choose for our child really affect their future or do they make their own destiny? Apparently, girls with more androgynous names are more likely to study math and science than those with girly names. And giving a boy a girly sounding name could lead to behavioural problems later in life!

Do I worry about the very girly names I gave my daughters? Daisy and Hunny seemed very cute for babies but two early comments stuck with me. One person thought ‘Hunny’ was a pole dancers name and another said that you’d never meet a barrister called ‘Daisy’.

Do I care?

Not really.

I’m confident my kids will follow the path of their choice no matter what. I’m not saying I would have picked ridiculous names for them but in this day and age, particularly living in Brighton, it seems ‘anything goes’.

A study of 3,000 parents suggested that one-in-five UK parents regret the name they chose. I find that a bit sad. Perhaps I will feel different in the future but our chosen names represent a time in our life. Sometimes I do have a slight concern about the deliberate misspelling of ‘Hunny’ simply because I preferred her name rhymed with ‘Sunny’ rather than ‘Money’. Especially after reading today that ‘Misspelling a name is never a good idea because people will always be misspelling it, and they’ll assume, that you as the parent, didn’t know how to spell correctly‘! One of our KalliKids mums is called ‘Cathryn’ and I have heard her complain more than once about the terrible 70’s spelling her parents chose.

There are studies all over the internet claiming anything from, ‘leaders (CEOs, Presidents etc.) tend to have more unusual names (not true of David Cameron or Nick Clegg)’, ‘people are predisposed to like others who share their own name’ and even, ‘kids with initials that spell a positive word (e.g. GOLD, SUN) will live longer’!

It’s certain that names evoke strong feelings and memories in people. But should we choose a name like Rihanna or Elvis in the hope that we have a future Pop Idol?

Believe it or not, parents are now searching their preferred baby names on Google and even avoiding the most popular baby names to ensure their child’s name will rank higher in SEO! The chosen royal baby name is sure to rank highly in the top baby names charts very quickly. But will the name make a difference to his or her future?

Who knows?

No one knows what the future holds for any of our kids. Whatever name is decided on for this royal bundle of joy it will be on every front page across the globe and in history books for centuries to come.

So Kate… take a big Hypnobirth breath… and put us out of our misery…

My money is on Edmund at 50/1;

Perhaps Chardonnay at 250/1?

Maybe even Elvis or Waynetta at 500/1?

What’s your money on?

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