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A year in the life

Guest blogger Lorraine from Gin & Cornflakes comments on her daughters first year.

So, Little Miss S is 1. But is age just a number when they are so young? When you’re our age, all birthdays merge into one, or they pass you by as they just aren’t important any more. I have no idea how old I am… Mentally I could be anywhere between 18 (due to inappropriate crush on Zac Efron) and 65 (due to less inappropriate, more weird, crush on Michael Ball). Physically? Well I’d rather not go there...

However, where a first birthday is concerned, I don’t think age is just a number. It means so much more. Babies spend their entire first year achieving more than your average adult does in the rest of his or her life (unless you are an Olympic athlete or Nelson Mandela or something…). In the last few years leading up to how old I am now (ha ha, not giving it away that easily) I may have had one or two successes. A new job. Getting married. Highest score on MarioKart... But compared to what Little Miss S has achieved in her 52 short weeks it’s nothing – that first smile, tooth, crawl, hug... It's amazing to think about really. When I did sit down to think about it, my emotion got the better of me and I penned a poem which you can read here. (This is probably my biggest achievement in the last 10 years – I am not renowned for my poetry ;))

This year, for me, time has stood still. This year just happened to me. Mentally I was a passive by-stander, barely keeping up with the steep learning curve. But I have enjoyed every minute. From snuggling in my arms, content with a bottle of milk 6 times a day, Little Miss S now tears around the living room on her ride-on ladybird, slamming herself into walls, rolling around on the floor in fits of giggles, only stopping to shovel pretty much the same food as us hungrily into her little mouth. A one year old needs her energy! And the second year promises to be much the same. First real steps, first words, first argument... :) I've stopped counting my years, but I will be counting and enjoying each and every one of hers. Just so long as they don't go too fast...

Lorraine blogs at Gin & Cornflakes - A selection of random musings and an honest account of life as a working Mum. And, of course, all the other things we try to hold on to in life after having kids.


Zoe Craven

Marketing - Zoe Craven

Retail marketing graduate, focused on communications with parents and providers, social media and traditional marketing.


  • Jennifer

    03:31PM 17 Apr 2013 Reply

    A lovely post, babies do change so quickly in that first year!

  • Helen Neale

    03:28PM 17 Apr 2013 Reply

    So true that when we are older, our years don't seem so important. I am sure you were anything but passive, even though mentally it felt like it, in shaping your daughters first year. I am sure all the encouragement, support and love, helped her get to where she is today, and will continue to do so ad infinitum! Well done xx

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