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12 Jan 2016 Posted by: Karen Bach

Throughout life there are ups and downs, and stresses which take a toll on the body of every baby, child and adult.

Nature has given us incredible healing powers, and right now your body is repairing and regenerating parts you’re not even aware of. Doing this effectively needs certain conditions to be in place. We need quality materials to rebuild with (nutritious food), regular reminders of how we are supposed to move (activity or exercise), and our body’s mechanics and nervous system have to be working well.

The last two are where chiropractic comes in.

Having our body aligned means having good posture and full movement in our joints, especially our spine. When we are symmetrically aligned and moving properly we don’t waste energy fighting against gravity, our body feels better and everyday tasks become easier. Unfortunately many people over time forget what this feels like, and aches, pains and stiffness just become like background noise. Some of us end up taking painkillers as a first resort, or even worse relying on them every day; this has potential side effects, but most of us can feel better naturally.

As chiropractic is so good at getting people out of pain, it’s often seen as a quick fix for back problems or injuries; but many people use it to give their body a maintenance service to help prevent problems too. If your dentist gives your teeth a clean bill of health it feels great, but you’ve still got a lifetime of eating ahead of you; and even though your car has passed its MOT, you’ll need another one next year.

How the rollercoaster of life can impact the spin

Our first moments in life are amazing, and right away our body has to adapt to a new experience of gravity. The birth process itself is quite a strain on our tiny necks, and babies that have chiropractic care often seem a lot more comfortable in the first few months of life. If the birth involves forceps, Ventouse or Caesarean section, then the stresses on the neck can be even worse. Cranial osteopathy is a popular gentle form of treatment which helps to restore normal function after such birth trauma.

Toddlers fall over thousands of times, there’s no avoiding it! But we can help by checking them now and then to keep them bouncing back. Arnica is a great natural remedy for bumps and bruises. Playing games, especially throwing and catching, helps develop co-ordination and also improves how well each side of the brain works together, which can increase intelligence scores. Studies have shown that chiropractic care can also help the immune system, especially important when the new school term starts.

School is a time when our bodies, which are designed to move, are taught to sit in chairs for long periods at a time. Add to that carrying heavy schoolbags (often on one shoulder) and you have a recipe for trouble. Something as simple as putting a bag on both shoulders can help to avoid a lot of potential problems. It’s not normal for children to experience unexplained pain, and as a chiropractor I do not believe in “growing pains”. Every child I have seen with “growing pains” has had an underlying reason for them, which often responds well with chiropractic care.

Sporty kids can take quite a few knocks and scrapes. At this age they get over it pretty quickly, but all those small traumas can accumulate. They can benefit from a chiropractic tune-up just like professional sports people do, helping them to run faster and jump higher.

Teenagers can often be found slumped in front of a computer, which can really affect their posture. Often this is compounded by confidence or body-image issues, and a vicious circle of slouching and low self-esteem. There’s a strong link between how we move and hold ourselves, and how we feel. Because of this our spinal alignment plays a part not only in how we feel, but in how people treat us, our body image and our experience of the world. A computer chair with an additional low back support helps to reduce slouching.

Adulthood for many of us means back at a desk or sitting in the car for much of the day. Lack of movement causes tension and stiffness, and our body responds with pain and symptoms to tell us that it’s not happy and something has to change. Stress is such an issue in our society and the number one reason for time off work (the second is back pain). It can manifest as muscle tension, headaches, high blood pressure or indigestion. Sometimes we can’t remove the causes of stress immediately, but we can help relieve the effects on our body and help prevent more serious consequences later on. Taking time out for exercise or a relaxing massage may feel like a luxury, but the time to recharge makes us more effective at everything we do.

For the older generation mobility and freedom are keys to a good quality of life. Whilst there may be some wear and tear, even painful arthritis can be helped with a combination of chiropractic, regular movement and a good diet. The healthiest older people all seem to have active social lives; and often, with a little help, they don’t have to give up the things they love doing.

Whatever stage of life, we can look forward to feeling and performing at our best.

This is a guest post from Michael Cassidy-Hogg from Align Doctors of Chiropractic (Southwick Brighton). They are a trusted and approved KalliKids provider.

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