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Children Children's Scuba Diving Lessons: Facts & Ideas facts and ideas

Children's Scuba Diving Lessons: Facts & Ideas

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Scuba diving is the act of going diving with a set of apparatus that allows the individual to breathe underwater. The modern equipment as we know it was invented in 1943 by Jacques Cousteau but the development of the idea goes back hundreds of years to Leonardo da Vinci. Before scuba sets, people could only explore underwater for as long as they could hold their breath!

Diving is widely available to all ages and abilities. It is greatly suited to children with a heightened curiosity and a keen sense of adventure and can lead to the opportunity to see some amazing things. Your fish tank, the local aquarium and The Discovery Channel can teach your child a lot about life underwater but to see the ocean scene first hand is an amazing, unrivalled, learning opportunity. How else could you see a sunken ship? Learning the history of the wreck you have actually dived at would be much more exciting than an ordinary history lesson! How often do you get the opportunity to get ‘up close and personal’ with marine life? Biology lessons don’t get much better than this!!

Scuba diving can create lots of opportunities for adventure and gaining a qualification opens up a variety of career paths. Divers are needed for marine conservation and fish farming if zoology or aquaculture is in your child’s interests. Divers are required in the army, the navy and even the police if security is on your child’s agenda or if geology is your child’s preferred subject, many oil companies recruit divers to check out the sites for the rigging. Of course they could become a scuba diving instructor themselves!

Teachers will help build a child’s confidence in what is initially a very alien environment. In fact, the whole family can get involved as scuba diving is accessible to most people regardless of experience. Scuba holidays are becoming increasingly popular and are an excellent way to please the whole family.

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  1. People say

    • Ever since I was a young boy I had been fascinated with the underwater world. It wasn't until later in life that I had the opportunity to try it out for myself. It gave me the chance to explore new worlds and meet new, exciting people. It was a rewarding experience that helped me to build confidence in my abilities. Learning to scuba dive was every bit as exciting as I had hoped, but it was also a big challenge. A combination of enthusiasm, determination and self belief helped me to achieve my ambition; Scuba diving demands those qualities and practicing the sport regularly re enforces them in me.

      Johnathon, Reynolds. Advanced learners
    • What I enjoy most about diving is the underwater exploration, no cave or shipwreck is too dark for me, in fact the darker the better. The sense of exploring the unknown, even though thousands of divers have dived these sites before is overwhelming. In my time so far I have dived on world war two wrecks with live ammunition still in them, swam with turtles and sharks, squeezed through impossibly small caves and enjoyed every moment of it.

      Jonjo, Adult learner

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