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Children Children's Pottery Lessons: Facts & Ideas facts and ideas

Children's Pottery Lessons: Facts & Ideas

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Pottery painting venues are popping up in every town. If you take a look inside, you’ll notice how diverse the customers are. Perhaps, as you might expect there is a group of children, laughing and having fun – painting. But if you look closely you will also see a group of mums, with babies in buggies, enjoying a good cappuccino and a chat while decorating a bowl or two!

Painting pottery is a great craft to do with your child. It is creative and messy, which keeps them happy, and the mess is cleared up by someone else, which is great for you! The results should last longer than the average cardboard tube and egg carton masterpiece which is good for everyone.


    • Interesting facts
    • How to pick a pottery painting venue
    • Learning from the activity
    • Famous people
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  1. People say

    • ramzada means bitch wich d for pottery

      zara, hussain
    • Last year I went to a pottery painting party. It was good because it was different. Lots of people go to the cinema or swimming for their birthdays, but we had never painted pottery before! I painted a pretty plate and so did my sister. There were lots of colours to choose from and we had special sponges and brushes to put the paint on with. Mummy put them on our bedroom walls so now we always remember that party.

      Emily, Child learner (Aged 7)

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