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Children Children's Piano Lessons: Facts & Ideas facts and ideas

Children's Piano Lessons: Facts & Ideas

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Everyone is born with a degree of musical ability and it is said that it is never too late to learn….but sometimes it is too early!  Many piano teachers like a child to wait to start lessons at the age of 6 or 7 years old (when their hands have done a little growing).  While you are waiting to discover if your toddler will blossom into a world class pianist there are lots of games you can play to introduce them to music and to the piano. 

Of course there are numerous baby/child music classes where you and yours can play the tambourine along with 20 other budding percussionists but it is just as easy to encourage your child’s love of music at home.  Often teachers will recommend young children play games on the piano such as making sound effects during storytelling and pretend piano playing.  This helps build familiarity and confidence with the instrument long before any formal training can begin.  Of course the best thing may be listening to music together, in the car, or while you’re baking, instead of telly, whenever, wherever, just to help introduce music as part of your family’s everyday life.


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  1. People say

    • We had an old piano at home when I was growing up and I would spend hours trying to play it – so at the age of 7 my parents decided to give me lessons. My dad would drive me to a rather eccentric lady’s house for a 30 minute lesson once a week, and make me practise at least 30 minutes a day. The worst part was being made to play in front of visiting relatives! But with regular practise it didn’t take long to get good and I passed my grade 8 at 15. I enjoyed piano as a child but didn’t truly appreciate the value of being able to play until I was an adult.

      Ann (Adult)
    • I have been teaching children to play the piano for 8 years from my home. Learning the piano is a special thing to do and is well worth making the time for. It should be fun but regular practice is important and it is essential to have a good instrument to use. Starting off with a piano that doesn't stay in tune or has notes that just don't work will soon affect a child's enthusiasm and interest. Taking piano lessons as a child can lead onto so many other musical interests. I would recommend it.

      Jackie (Teacher)
    • My mother suggested that me and my sister have piano lessons because she had never learnt and had always regretted it. I was probably about 7 years old and remember not being particularly keen on the idea to start off with. As the lessons progressed my skills and confidence in my playing increased until finally I was ready to take my Grade 1 exam. I failed!! This did knock my confidence for a while but, with the encouragement of my piano teacher, I continued with my lessons. Even though I decided not to take any more exams I carried on playing for my own enjoyment.

      Lesley (Adult)
    • I find playing the piano difficult sometimes - the hard bit is the counting- but it's much easier if you know the tune. My teacher is very strict and won't let me start again if I go wrong but she has told me I have a very good hand position and I am improving a lot. When I get a piece of music right I feel happy and excited and it makes me want to play it again and again. I really hope I will be good enough to take my first piano grade soon. I even think that I would like to do music as an A Level when I am older if I work really hard now.

      Scarlet - Child learner (Aged 7)

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