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Children Philosophy facts and ideas

Children Philosophy

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It can be difficult to understand what philosophy is, indeed “what is philosophy?” is a profoundly philosophical question in itself! Probably the best way to understand it is a form of questioning that is general rather than specific. Rather than “is that true?” philosophy asks “what is truth?” Many parents will recognise that children are always asking these kinds of questions, philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah says continuously asking “why?” (something every child does) is philosophy at its purest.

While philosophy is compulsory in many countries such as China, Brazil and France, not many schools in the UK offer specific philosophy classes. However in a group or individually philosophy is a great way for children to increase their understanding of the world and have a great time while they’re doing it.

It may seem odd to think of children studying philosophy (surely they’re too young to smoke a pipe and grow a beard!) yet many children’s books are full of philosophically provoking scenarios; is it right for house elves from Harry Potter to be enslaved, even if they do like it? Is Fantastic Mr. Fox right to steal for his family? Even though many don’t realise it, children are exposed to deep philosophical questions from a young age yet get little encouragement in school to enquire in this way.

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