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Children Kids' Fun Martial Arts: Facts & Ideas facts and ideas

Kids' Fun Martial Arts: Facts & Ideas

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A martial art is a system or tradition of combat practices. They are usually learnt for self-defence, health, fitness and/or competition. There are lots of different forms and styles of martial art and each one has its own requirements and benefits. Most forms of martial arts developed during ancient times in eastern Asia, but more modern forms do exist and can originate from almost anywhere. Students of martial arts are able to develop their fitness, self-confidence, spirituality, self-defence skills, flexibility, strength and much more depending on which martial art is chosen. Martial arts can also improve discipline, self-control and focus as a side-effect and even improve social skills if studied in a club setting.

Some of the more popular forms of martial arts include Kung Fu, T’ai Chi, Karate, Taekwondo and Judo. Kung Fu is a very traditional Chinese form whose name means ‘hard work’. Wing Chun and Wushu are related to Kung Fu but can be quite different. Wushu is very showy similar to acrobatics whereas Wing Chun is sometimes known as ‘beginners’ Kung Fu. T’ai Chi is a soft and elegant martial art used for strengthening the organs, joints and muscles; however its roots date back centuries where it was a deadly form used to surprise larger opponents by using their own strength against them. Karate is an excellent hard core workout which includes punching and yelling and was developed as a form of self-defence in response to a weapons ban. Taekwondo and Judo are the only martial arts in that are Olympic sports so are a good choice for a child wanting to enter competitions.

Martial arts will allow family involvement as a lot of clubs put on shows to exhibit what the students have learnt, and competitions and gradings usually allow spectators.

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    • karate is fun and i think more kids should learn it because it is educational and fitness wise

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i love karate

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