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Children Children's Latin Lessons: Facts & Ideas facts and ideas

Children's Latin Lessons: Facts & Ideas

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Latin, in particular, Latin Grammar is considered the best grounding in education and not just for English but learning as a whole, as many words used can be derived from Latin. Once a compulsory part of any education, today the number of GCSE Latin candidates hovers at just below the 10,000 mark and approximately 70% of these entries are from private schools.

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    • I was made to learn Latin from the age of 11 years old. I didn’t enjoy the classes at all because I couldn’t see the relevance of Latin to my life. Also we were usually taught by our very strict and rather ancient Headmistress who was passionate about Latin, and excellent at it, although perhaps not quite as good at making it accessible and fun. Like many subjects I learnt at school, it is only now, as an adult, that I have come to appreciate the advantages of a basic knowledge of Latin. I enjoy spotting the origins of our words and now realise that Latin has given me a solid educational foundation on which to build.


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