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Children Kayak & Canoe facts and ideas

Children Kayak & Canoe

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Canoeing and kayaking have been around for thousands of years with most civilisations using some form of them. Canoeists and kayakers propel their craft facing forwards using paddles, whereas rowers and scullers go backwards.

The key difference between kayaks and canoes is that a kayak is propelled by a two bladed paddle while a canoeist’s paddle has just one blade. For this reason kayaks are often slim, solo vehicles while canoes may be wider and designed for a number of people.

Canoes and kayaks are some of the most versatile and diverse vehicles there are, being used on rivers, lakes and at sea. Furthermore the way they are used in competition varies incredibly.  From 1000 mile cross country races or 200 metre sprints, from flat lakes to white water rafting - if your child learns to canoe or kayak they will find many exciting experiences available to them.


    • Interesting facts
    • How to pick a kayak/canoe instructor for your child
    • National associations & clubs
    • Learnings from the activity
    • Qualifications & exams
    • Famous people
    • YouTube
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