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Children Children's Horse Riding: Fun Facts & Ideas facts and ideas

Children's Horse Riding: Fun Facts & Ideas

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It is generally accepted that around the age of 7 years old a child is tall enough to sit safely on a horse and is mature enough to act safely while riding. This doesn’t mean younger children shouldn’t be encouraged if they show an interest. Lots of riding schools do cater for the under 7s with the aim of teaching them how to act around horses and how to stay safe. These children will then be perfectly at ease when they start to ride properly.

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  1. People say

    • I'm 13 years old and I've been doing horse riding for quiet a long time. I know how to walk, trot- rising and sitting and how to canter. At the moment I'm learning to jump. Where I learn to ride is an amazing place. I also have two fav horses. One of them is my big boy Pascoe, which we both have a special connection and the other one is my baby Lady. Once I had a horse called Suzy which is in another horse riding center. Eventhough she can be really cheeky I enjoy riding her. Once i asked for trot and she went in a very fast gallop. I was fun and i didn't fall off. I love all horses. They are all so amazing. Horse riding is just so enjoyable.

      Ellie, Smith. Advanced learners
    • I had riding lessons at a local riding school between the ages of 7 and 11. I went most weeks on a Saturday morning come rain or shine. Most of the ponies were quiet and perfect for children to learn on and usually lessons went well…..unless the pony you were given was ‘Scooby’. He was a nightmare – if you were unlucky enough to get Scooby all the other children would look at you with pity in their eyes as you and Scooby galloped off in the opposite direction to everyone else with your head being dragged through low hanging branches!

      Claire. Advanced learners
    • Honor age 7, on riding lessons, I’ve been having riding lessons for a while, not every week, just sometimes. We ride lots of different ponies but my favourite is a chestnut brown pony called Poppy. I do walking and trotting but not quite jumping. Last time I went, my teacher took me riding on the road which was exciting. I really liked that. My worst bit is when you bump up, down, up, down and your hat falls off.

      Honor , (Aged 7). Child and beginner learners

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Advanced learners say

Horse Riding is my life

Ellie, Smith