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Children History facts and ideas

Children History

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History is a huge and fascinating subject. Learning about our past can give value to looking at our future. There are thousands of interesting historical facts but here are a few to show you just how diverse and exciting this subject can be.

    • Interesting facts
    • How to pick a history tutor for your child
    • National associations & clubs
    • Qualifications & exams
    • Learning from the activity
    • Famous people
    • YouTube
    • Interesting articles
  1. People say

    • “The benefit of learning history when you are young is that it helps you to understand who you are and where you come from. It helps you to learn about your local community and the country you live in. It's fun to learn about the colourful characters and who have lived before us. It helps you to appreciate that there are lots of different ways of looking at events. History is good for helping you to think and write more clearly”

      Rob. Coaches and tutors

    What do you say?

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