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Children Children's Football: Interesting Facts & Ideas facts and ideas

Children's Football: Interesting Facts & Ideas

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Arguably the most popular sport in the world, football requires a combination of agility, stamina and skill. Thousands of children take up football hoping to become the next big celebrity player only to later realise that a very small percentage of footballers ever make it to a professional league.

Even if you don’t know your Corner Kick from your Goal Kick or your Direct Free Kick, if your child shows an interest in playing football, encourage him or her to play and see where their new hobby takes them. You might just have a budding Beckham on your hands…or at least someone to explain the Offside Rule to you!

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  1. People say

    • When I was young, my parents felt that I didn’t do enough sport. They also felt it was important that I should be involved in a team game. I was very definitely told that I would be taking up football, though this was not completely against my will as all my friends played too and some of my best friends were in the local football team, the Comet Colts, which I soon joined. It was a great experience and I soon learned how I could function and contribute as a member of a team. This also made me quite an active child and opened my eyes to the world of sport.

      Stephen, Adult learner. Advanced learners
    • I started playing football when I was 4 years old because it was something my dad wanted me to try. I loved it. I think I’m quite good at it and I am getting better because I play regularly. The best thing about it is getting stuck in and the teamwork, but it’s really hard when you are the main man and everyone is relying on you to do everything and you start to lose. If you’re good at football it might mean you have quite a good eye for the ball so you could become good at quite a few ball games like tennis, rounders, basketball and cricket.

      Charley, Child learner (Aged 8). Child and beginner learners

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