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Children Biology facts and ideas

Children Biology

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Biology is essentially the study of life and living organisms. This makes it a vast subject with many interesting categories. Biologists study organisms’ structure, evolution, distribution, behaviour, function, taxonomy (classification) and growth.

By studying Biology your child could be learning about cell makeup, plant germination, a whole ecosystem, animal behaviour, the function and form of human organs, benefits of various diets or exercise and much more. So whatever your child’s interest, be it sports, plants, cooking or animals, there is bound to be an area of biology to match it.

Knowledge of Biology could prove extremely useful in later life as it is essential for careers such as Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Sports Science, Veterinary work, Zoology, Conservation and Botany. As well as providing the building blocks for a fantastic career, an understanding of Biology can also be of great personal use in other important areas such as health, fitness, gardening, cooking and a general understanding of Planet Earth!

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  1. People say

    • Having studied Biology as a degree, I have found it to be one of the best options that I could have picked. As opposed to a subject like Maths, Biology is something that other people are genuinely interested to hear about. My knowledge of Biology helps answer questions about the world around me. Friends often ask me for my opinion on medical dilemmas, or about something that we may see on our day-to-day lives. Biology is not just one subject. It covers human anatomy, animal behaviour, plants, bacteria and many more areas. It can be tied in with other subjects - and not just science - such as economics and politics.

      Isabel , Adult Learner

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