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Children Children's Ballet Dancing: Facts & Ideas facts and ideas

Children's Ballet Dancing: Facts & Ideas

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Ballet lessons are a wonderful way for children to reap the health benefits of dance as well as learn self-discipline and body control. Any child can enjoy the beauty and grace of ballet dancing, regardless of age, body size or fitness level.

Ballet is a form of exercise that requires the dancer to work many of the major muscle groups at once. Ballet lessons also promote strength, flexibility and balance as ballet dancers must learn how to properly control every part of their bodies while holding perfect posture.

Ballet helps to foster a positive self-image in children as it enforces self- confidence, self-discipline, poise and grace. A child introduced to dance at an early age is also likely to develop a love of the arts and a passion for rhythm and movement.

The first ballet classes will introduce your child to the basic positions and techniques of ballet. He/she will be taught how to hold their body correctly, including how to hold their hands and how to point their toes. They will practice simple skills such as skipping and jumping to improve their coordination and flexibility.

Pre-ballet classes are sometimes offered to dancers between the ages of 4 and 8. Most teachers believe that the attention spans of 3 year olds are too short for a class and prefer parents to wait until a child is at least 4 years old. Pre-ballet classes have become quite popular in private dance studios and the classes are often loosely organized and simple. Children may be encouraged to move around the room to the rhythms of different styles of music as a way to learn basic dancing moves. Some pre-ballet classes may even introduce students to the five positions of ballet, stressing the importance of proper posture.

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      BUTT, BUTT. Child and beginner learners
    • Hi everyone I am tala sorry for what was written in the top but know I will tell u what do I think about Ballet. Ballet is a great sport it is fun that I think small kids in my age should try playing it cause it has a great future + it gives us something like gymnastics I advice everyone to dance ballet. Thank you :)

      Yara, Akkad
    • Ballete is very fun and active thing I think that ballete is a very fun sport

      Tala , Akkad. Child and beginner learners
    • I think that it is quite sad and depressing when you read people's opinions on this page because every single one has either a spelling mistake or a grammar mistake. Just saying. But anyway this is quite an informative site. Thanks, JOLLYROGER182

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    • i say i think it is very great is awsome.

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    • This a very detailed site but it could have more, i'm not saying it's bad i'm saying that it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mikayla, Bull. Advanced learners
    • i say that ballet is cool and awesome and I am happy in did ballet

      Lilliana , Anderson. Coaches and tutors

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