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Children Baby Singing: Facts & Fun Ideas facts and ideas

Baby Singing: Facts & Fun Ideas

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Baby signing is a method of sign language which allows parents to communicate with their baby before the child can speak. The signs represent simple, high frequency words such as milk, more, eat, finished, hug etc. Baby signing experts usually recommend parents start to sign from birth although it is not until the baby is 6 months old that he or she starts to understand what the signs mean. Babies do not begin to sign themselves until they are a little older even though they often show they understand a sign by demonstrating their anticipation; grunting or panting when they recognise that ‘more’ food is on its way, or it is time for a ‘bath’.

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    • I did baby signing classes and a DVD with both my daughters. I thought it was fantastic! My baby, who couldn’t yet talk, could tell me she wanted - more food, more milk, that she was sleepy and so much more!! I had amazing communication with my child from before she could speak! Now my girls are 8 and 5 years old they still never stop ‘communicating’!

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