Why Build An Email List?




Is email marketing dead?

I say no. Email marketing has gotten a bad name over the last decade as more and more companies use it to send out a mass of unwanted emails. The general public is more skeptical then ever when it comes to opening unexpected items in their inbox. But fear not for email marketing is still alive and kicking for those who use it wisely.  


So why build an email list?

Building yourself an up to date email list of all of your current and prospective customers will prevent you from wasting your time with other costly means of marketing with low returns on your investment. With a solid contacts list all it takes is a well-worded email to get the results your looking for little or no cost.


How do I build my email list?

There are a number of ways for you to build an email list. You can ask your customers, face to face, to provide you with their email so you can get in touch with them if you have any news or offers. You can visit a local event and have a sign up sheet to pass around to passersby who would be interested in hearing more from you. You can even, although this is not always recommended, buy an email list from a company, offering a large but unspecific list of recipients in which to send your emails too. Your choice will depend greatly on what kind of business you run and what the goals for your email marketing are. 


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