Seven Reasons To Guest Blog


It’s tough enough finding the time (and possibly enthusiasm!) to update your own business blog. So why write blogs for other people?

Actually there are several good business reasons why you should consider guest blogging. Here are seven of the most important.


1) You reach a new audience

By writing for another blog or business, you get your business name in front of their readers or customers, helping to spread the word about you.


2) You showcase your expertise

And you don’t just get your name out there. A well-written blog can help to showcase your expertise and passion for what you do.


3) You’ll attract traffic to your website

Always add a link to your website (or social media profile) to your guest blog to take advantage of the opportunity, and gain traffic.


4) You’ll pick up social media followers

If the blog you write for has a big social media following and is generous in sharing their guest blogs, you’ll pick up new followers too.


5) You’ll help your SEO

Google likes links to your site from relevant, quality websites, and guest blogging is a great way to get them.


6) Their reputation will rub off on you

If you blog for a well-known and trusted brand or website, their reputation will rub off on you, and readers will assume you share their values and quality.


7) You’ll look bigger

When people see your name in a number of places (especially if you blog for big names) they’ll assume you’re bigger and more successful. 


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