How To Stay Connected On Holiday


Owning and operating a small to medium business is hard, stressful and often a thankless task. If anyone deserves a holiday it’s probably you. Despite this, owners of small businesses are often the people least likely to take time off from their hectic work life.


A survey has found that 76% of small business owners and entrepreneurs sacrifice their holidays in order to keep their business running effectively throughout the year. So is there a way to stay connected to your business and clock up some much-needed time in the sun?


Try these 5 ideas to stay connected whilst you’re away:


1. Keep in email communication

Ok so this one may not be popular with your other half, but the only way for you to relax is to know that you’re not missing something important. Try and check into your emails once or at the most twice a day just to check that nothing requiring your immediate attention has cropped up. You can download most popular email services onto your phone. Outlook has got a great app that lets you manage multiple email accounts.


2. Simplify your social feeds

Using apps like Hootesuite or Tweetdeck, you can manage all your social media feeds in one place. This will save you time looking around your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles whilst trying to relax.


3. Set up a cloud storage system

The last thing you will want to be doing whilst your trying to relax is ringing and emailing the office trying to get someone to find and send over that document that you need immediately. By using applications like Dropbox, Google drive or OneDrive, you can access all of your essential documents wherever you may be. Provided you have a reasonable Internet connection.


4. Use online video conferencing for meetings

You can stay in touch with the team and your clients via an online video conferencing service like Skype, Facetime or Google hangouts. This allows you to continue with face-to-face communications for important meetings even when you’re not in the country.


5. Set up a calling system

With systems like Penelope you can set up a call system that will automatically re route or answer calls for you. This will allow you to maintain a presence on the phone without actually needing to answer it. Only the essential calls can make their way to your number and everything else can wait.


So don’t be afraid to take that break, just make sure you’ve got all the bases covered before you leave and have set up all the systems you need to be able to relax without that feeling in the back of your head that your missing out on something important.


We all need a holiday so enjoy yours. 


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