How Do I Find Content For My Blog?


Okay so you’ve decided to add a blog page to your business website. Maybe you’ve even written the first entry in a burst of early enthusiasm. But now what? How do you maintain that enthusiasm week in, week out? And more importantly, how do you find something to write about?


Finding good content is easy

You may be relieved to learn that finding good content for your blog is easy when you know how. All you need to do is think about what your ideal target audience is interested in. For example, if you teach violin to children, it’s safe to assume your ideal target audience are parents of musical children.


Here’s a quick brainstorm of topics those parents might be interested in:

  • Tips to help your child learn more easily
  • Tips for practicing music
  • Links to local musical events
  • Video violin tutorials
  • Videos of famous violin players
  • News about violin players/music
  • Lists of the top violin players
  • Suggestions of pieces of music for various abilities
  • Tips on passing musical exams


This is just a quick initial brainstorm but it shows the breadth of content you can easily create or find.


How to find great content

You don’t need to generate ALL your content from scratch. You can source great content created by others, write an introduction about it and link to it.


And you don’t need to do this every week. You could set aside a morning once a month, and find content for the next five weeks, write your intros or blogs and then relax, knowing all you need to do every week is upload your latest blog.


By chunking your blogging into one monthly task, you’ll work faster and more efficiently, as you’ll be ‘in flow’.


Find good sources of content

To help make this monthly task easier, it’s also worth making a list of great sites to check for content. Once you have a trusted list, you can simply check them once a month for ideas, or for content to link to from your blog.


With great systems like this in place, blogging can be quick and painless, and maybe even enjoyable! 

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