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Getting traffic to your website may seem like a never ending struggle. With so many websites out there, it’s never been harder to get yours in front of an engaged audience.


One of the biggest influencers affecting your website traffic will undoubtedly be links. Links are the lifeblood of your website and the drivers behind what keeps people coming (or more importantly not coming) to your website.


Search engines look for two criteria when evaluating your website links and determining your ranking: Quantity and Quality. Both the number and relevance of your links are crucial for getting your website found faster.


The number of links to and from, and within your website come from three areas:

  • Inbound Links. Links to your site from other sites.
  • Outbound links. Links to other sites from your site.
  • Internal Links. Links from your site to other pages within your site. 


The most valuable to you, and the most difficult to get, is undoubtedly the inbound link.


5 ways to increase your quality inbound links

1. Get active on social media

Social media allows you to input links into most, if not all, of your posts. Most companies are using social media profiles to increase the amount of quality inbound links to their website.


Used properly, social media posts can account for a substantial percentage of your productive inbound links.


2. Become a guest blogger

The key to success in guest blogging is finding the write blog for your material. There’s no point in submitting your blogs on the 10 reasons your children should learn ballet to a football website. You’ve got to find a blog with a similar readership to the one that you hope to grow yourself.


For blogging on family related issues why not submit your material to the KalliKids blog.


3. Get listed on quality websites

Online directories are a fantastic way to reach an audience looking to find a business just like yours. The trick is to make sure that you only apply to be registered with high quality and trusted websites.


As a KalliKids accredited provider, we offer you quality links from a trusted source with well over 90,000 active parents engaging with us each month. Not alreadly accredited? Find out how to get accredited today here.


4. Produce valuable content on a regular basis

Search engines like websites that are active and constantly updating their content. They rank more active sites higher as they assume that the more a site gets updated, the more relevant that site will be.


Keep making regular updates to your site and keep your content fresh.


5. Run a competition

Competition’s are big business these day’s. Companies use competitions to increase interest in their company by offering discounts or prizes. This causes a spike in traffic during the course of the promotion.


Even better than running your own competition, run one in conjunction with another website to increase the reach of your promotion and increase the links back to your site. KalliKids can help you to run a successfully competition with an average entry of over 4.5k per competition. 



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