Fundraising For Your Club


Ever Thought About Fundraising? 

Everyone revels in the joy of giving to a good cause. Let your club's improvements be the good cause that your local community is able to donate too.


Facilities need improving and equipment needs updating but sometimes the monthly income just doesn’t cover it. Fundraising could be the answer to generate the money and make the improvements needed to continue to run your club at the level your members expect.


Types of fundraising

Anyone of these types of fundraising events could be right for you:

  • Quiz Night
  • Cake Sale
  • Car Wash
  • Calender
  • Extreme Challenge
  • End of Season Dinners 


Quiz Night

Quiz nights are a great way to attract an audience to your fund raising efforts. Offer your members the chance to gain valuable bragging rights in your community, all for your nominal entrance fee. If successful you could even make it into a weekly event with a running total of score’s to keep them coming back. Offer prizes from trophies to membership subscriptions depending on your budget advertise the event around your local community. 


Cake Sale

Everyone loves cakes. And cakes for a good cause are even better. If you’ve got some keen bakers ready and willing to offer a helping hand, a cake sale could be the thing for you. You could run your cake sale at a local community event and get some of your members to pass around samples to attract attention.


Car Wash

If your clubs premises are located near a busy thoroughfare, a car wash could be an ideal event for you to run.  Attract passersby with signs posted up around your community offering a hand car wash at the weekend. We recommend choosing the summer months to run the car wash, expect a long day of washing. 



Themed calenders are all the rage around the new year. There is even a film depicting a group of womens institute members raising money by creating a tasteful calendar. And if they can do it, anyone can.


Extreme Challenge

 Why not push yourself to the limits of your endurance to raise the money you need. You could bike ride across Britain, run a marathon, swim the English channel, dance for 24 hours straight. Options are endless for this one.


End of Season Dinners

End of season dinners are a great way to promote all the good things that your club has done and captivate your audience with your plans for improvement. You could even host other fundraising events like a raffle during the evening offering you alternative revenue streams.


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