Customer Feedback To The Future


Transparency can be your greatest asset


Customer feedback holds more weight than gold these days. Lucky it's not nearly as expensive.


Customers can review anything from their local hairdresser to their insurance company, and they are hesitant to select any product or service that they haven’t already read reviews on. Studies have shown that, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and almost 9 in 10 consumers have read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business “BrightLocal”. 


Companies used to display feedback cards in company premises for disgruntled customers to vent their frustration and have their say, with the whole process going on behind closed doors. However customers now take to the Internet to not only let the business know what they think, but also everyone else with a passing interest. Whilst this may seem a scary thing for business owners and operators, it can actually be a blessing in disguise.


Sure, companies who do not operate professionally have little room to hide and can subsequently suffer from poor customer reviews, but that’s the way it should be. On the other side companies operating with good ethics benefit hugely from having their customer reviews seen by as many people as possible. It’s a cheap and incredibly effective way for good companies to get ahead.Greater transparency, allowing customers and businesses alike to comment and rate each other is the future we are all headed towards. The quicker we embrace and adapt to the future of consumer feedback, the more likely we are to benefit from it. 


Let your customers express themselves by giving them an outlet for their comments and they will repay you by giving you honest and useful feedback. You can thank anyone who takes the time to leave a comment and reply to any suggestion or complaints that some may have. Most customer facing businesses should have some sort of policy for replying to feedback as a way of engaging publicly with their customers. This will give an impression to future customers that you are attentive to your customers and have nothing to hide, leaving a lasting positive view of your company in their minds.


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