Do I Need A Website?


There are so many things to think about when you’re starting or running a business, and unless you’re confidently tech-savvy or have deep pockets, the idea of building a website probably seems quite scary (and expensive)!

However, getting even just a basic website together is a wise business decision, and easier than you may think.


Why you need a business website


Before parents make decisions about activities, services and places to go with their children, they usually like to find out more. A website helps you in a number of ways:

· It can help reassure parents that you’re a legitimate business.

· They can find important details such as rate, hours and location from it.

· They can search for you on Google (especially if you add your website to Google Local).

· You can add photos and descriptions to give them an idea of what to expect.

· You can add testimonials and reviews.


A website isn’t as expensive as you think


These days you don’t need a bottomless budget to have a professional-looking website. Sites like Weebly and Wix enable you to build your own website easily using templates for free.

They’re designed for non-techy amateurs, so if you can find your way around Facebook you should be able to use them quite comfortably.

Once your site is designed, you’ll need a domain name and hosting, both of which can cost as little as £50 a year.

Another user-friendly, free site – Canva – is also brilliant for creating designs and images for your website (or social media profiles to give you a consistent look).


What’s the alternative?


If you really don’t fancy the idea of creating your own website, you can get the same benefits from joining Kallikids.

You’ll have your own profile page, which parents can find through our search function (we can also promote your business through social media and our newsletter).

You can add any details you wish about your business in your profile, plus testimonials. All Kallikids businesses are accredited and parents are able to rate you – giving potential customers complete peace of mind.


Find out more about the benefits of joining.

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