Do I Need A Blog?



One question every business with any kind of online presence asks themselves at some point is whether or not they need a blog.


Why a blog is a good idea

To help you decide if a blog is right for you, we look at some of the pros of adding a blog page to your business website.


It helps your SEO

Google likes websites with regularly updated unique content, and for many businesses a blog easily ticks that box.


It shows customers you’re still in business

Nothing dates a business more than a website that looks like it’s 10 years old, and hasn’t been updated since. A blog shows potential customers that you’re still in business and keeps your website fresh.


It shows customers you care

If you take the time to write a blog, it shows customers that you care about what you do, and are therefore more likely to offer a better service as a result.


It gives you an edge over your competition

If your competitors aren’t blogging, writing one could give you a vital edge over them in customers’ minds.


It gives you something to share on social media

Sharing new (and older) blogs on your site is a gift for social media updates, and can help win you new followers and even customers too.


It gives others something to share

Write a really helpful or interesting blog, and you could even see it go viral. People love to find and share new ideas or useful content, and if yours ticks that box you could see word spreading about you organically via your blog.


You can put your point of view across

If you want to convey something to your customers, such as you’re the most knowledgeable tutor or have the largest range of animals in your park, a blog is the perfect place to showcase this.


It’s the perfect place to shout about how brilliant you are

If you have glowing testimonials, or photos of happy customers, a blog is the ideal place to show them off. (You can also let everyone know you’ve earned the KalliKids tick of approval!)


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