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Leaflet distribution

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What is this feature?

Your leaflets can be given out to local parents by the KalliKids team, anywhere from 20 to 500!

What are the benefits to me as a children's activity and service provider?

  • You gain visibility with local families.
  • You may inspire children or families to join your club, come to your lessons or visit your venue.

What do I get as a family activity provider?

  • Distribution of leaflets at local events either in the KalliKids colouring bags, by hand or on the KalliKids stall.

Can you give me an example in context?

Colin runs an adventure farm and sends 400 leaflets to the KalliKids office to give out. The team attend two summer fayres in the next village and town giving out colouring bags to parents with the farm's leaflets in them. Colin has added the KalliKids tick of approval to the leaflets (for free) and has added a promotion for parents. John and Linda meet the KalliKids team and go to the farm two weeks later with the promotion leaflet.

How do I get this feature?

  • FREE in the PINK plan.
  • Newsletter appearances are an optional upgrade in the Blue plan and Orange plan - £20 per appearance. 

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