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Attend events

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What is this benefit?

Events are a way for families to meet accredited children's activity and service providers in a local venue. Activity providers come along and either share the KalliKids pitch or set up a table (or even a yoga mat!) to show parents what they are and what they do.

The events may be ones organised by other people eg town summer fayres or organised by KalliKids.

What are the benefits to me as a children's activity or service provider?

  • You gain visibility with local families.
  • You may inspire children or families to join your club, come to your lessons or visit your venue.

Can you give me an example in context?

John and Helen feel that their son Richard could do with a little help on Maths but know that Richard is very shy and does not like being out of his comfort zone. So when they meet Martin the Maths tutor at a summer fete, they stop and chat. Martin has brought some fun quizzes and challenges using balls, sweets and plasticine. Richard is a little reticent at first but after 10 minutes starts to quietly do one of the challenges. Martin then gives Richard some hints and Richard ends up solving the Maths problems. John and Helen take great comfort in this interaction and arrange some trial Maths tuition sessions with Martin.

What do I get?

  • A few hours in a venue local to you and your business sometimes with space to demonstrate your skills, hand out information and chat to children and their parents.

How do I get this benefit?

  • Event attendances are included in the Pink plan.
  • Event attendances are an optional upgrade in the Blue plan and Orange plans - £20 per appearance.


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