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My name is Zainub, I am a mother to a beautiful 3 month old baby girl. We have a small family of four, myself, hubby dearest, our first child our cat, and then our baby girl.

I moved to the area two years ago, although it was a huge change from the small town coming to the big city I have enjoyed having everything within arms reach!

I think having a website with accredited activity providers on is a fabulous idea as it gives me peace of mind that I am making the right decisions especially as I am quite an indecisive person usually.

I run a number of businesses and have met some lovely people locally, I look forward to meeting more people making new friends through my role as a Kallikids Champion.

If you see me around don't be shy to come and say hi, as I love meeting new people!

I am working as a Champion for Kallikids covering East London (Essex).



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