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My name is Sara and I have a 2 year old daughter. I've lived in Berkhamsted since I was 4 years old with a few years away living in Leeds for university. After meeting my husband in Leeds, Berkhamsted seemed the natural place to move back to in order to start a family.

I think Berkhamsted and the surrounding areas are a great place to bring up children, there is such a wide choice of things to do and places to visit. Having information on local activities in one place on a trusted website is a fantastic resource for local parents.

Before having my daughter, I worked as a Secondary School teacher, something I still do a couple of days a week, as well as running my own business as an antenatal teacher - I like to keep busy! I decided to become a KalliKids champion to help other local parents find trusted activities for their children to enjoy, and also to have the opportunity to help local businesses to be able to offer accredited classes and activities.

I look forward to seeing you around and helping spread the word about local classes and activities for you all to enjoy.



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