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My name is Kelly, I have two boys aged 10 and 15 years and I live in Lowestoft Suffolk. I haven’t always lived in Suffolk as I am originally from Berkshire. However after holidaying on the Norfolk Broads for many years we decided Suffolk was for us! Suffolk is an amazing place to live with amazing people and I truly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

About me - I have worked with children for over 20 years within nurseries, schools and children’s clubs and currently work part time as a school teacher, teaching maths. I love being a parent to my two wonderful boys. They are so different, one enjoys quiet activities and his own company yet the other is extremely active and wants to go to every club available. So my weekends tend to be full of traveling around to different locations (in all weathers!)

I came across KalliKids as a parent and felt there was more information needed in our area. KalliKids is a great website that really helps parents to make informed decisions about activities etc. for their children. I know as a parent that I tend to take advice from other parents when taking my kids to places, if this is you, then KalliKids is the place for you.

I have become a KalliKids Champion to support you all and make sure that the best providers in the area are available for you to take a look at and enjoy with your family. I look forward to seeing you around Suffolk and meeting some new friends!



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