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Jack Russell?

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Jack Russell, Poodle, Sheep Dog or St Barnard?

Non-Executive Directors add value to small and large businesses in many different ways and their required skill sets differ for every Board of Directors.

Karen Bach, Founder of KalliKids, has been a Non-Executive Director on four Boards and Executive Director of five more Boards. The businesses in question have included start-ups, main-listed public companies, private-equity businesses and a charity. This wide experience has given her an insight to the skills needed and to the dynamics in a team where varied agendas and personalities are very often at play.

Bach categorises the value added by Non-Executive Directors into four, and likens them to the personalities of a Jack Russell, a Poodle, a Sheep Dog and a St Barnard. Having worked with examples of each, she knows first-hand whose bark is worse than their bite, who needs to be pack leader and that every pack has their own dynamics. Bach will be speaking about her experience at the South London Branch meeting of Chartered Institute of

Management Accountants (CIMA) on Wednesday 14th May and giving tips on becoming a Non-Executive Director.


Download the full press release here:

  Press Release Jack Russell, Poodle, Sheep Dog or St Barnard

Each Board (or pack!) has a different requirement of skills and personalities.