Treasure at Home

Treasure at Home

06 Jun 2017 Posted by: Stuart Willis

Hidden Cash

Recently, it was reported in the press that a large hoard of gold coins was found hidden in a piano. The discovery was made by the new owners of the upright piano when they decided to tune and repair it. This made me think about what treasure (convert into money) is lying in our homes. If you had a clear out, would the junk convert into cash?


Shabby Chic Is Cash Chic

Most families don’t have priceless porcelain or fancy antiques in their homes, however, what you consider junk maybe shabby chic by a new owner. Having moved house a few times, I’ve hoarded junk in boxes; always meaning to de-clutter or sell something. These items could be sold on the web, at a car boot sale, a local auction house, or free advert in a newsagent.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Everything that you don’t use is worth selling for money. You’re a double winner, by gaining money and more space at home. Here are 8 junk items that most families have:

  1. China and glass. With vintage parties and weddings in fashion, sell your old china and glassware.
  2. Kitchen gadgets unloved by you, may be loved by someone else.
  3. Bicycles are easy to sell as we near the summer, assuming they’re in decent condition.
  4. Unwanted clothes, particularly second-hand clothes with designer labels can be worth good money.
  5. Vinyl records or CDs are money spinners. Even DVDs could be worth a little money.
  6. Redundant mobile phones can be cashed in via many websites.
  7. Toys, even unboxed can be worth something. My sister buys at little cost favourite toys from her childhood for her young children.


Some of the Most Popular Sites

  • eBay is free to register, but you’ll pay fees for listings when you start selling.
  • Gumtree is a free classified ad-board. Post your items and if buyers are interested they will send you an email.
  • Local Facebook has no fees. Search for your area or postcode alongside words such as selling, sale or buy.
  • Ziffit pays for the collection of any games, CDs, DVDs and books and pays within a few days of the items being received.

Don't be afraid to get creative as one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Happy hunting, selling and best of cash creation.


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