The Ugly Truth About Packing For a Holiday with Kids

07 Jul 2016 Posted by: Jamie Marsh

Ah, holiday time. The best time of the year, or so you remember it, but aren't you forgetting the packing? If you are going away with your kids that makes it even worse, not only do you have your own case to pack, but theirs too!

Don't Let Children Pack Their Holiday Luggage

Aww, I've seen so many parents try to instil some independence in their kids by getting them to pack their own suitcase. But unless you want to arrive with a lamp, some throw pillows, and a life-size Peppa pig cut out, I don't recommend it. Sure your kids can help you pack if you like, but don't leave them unsupervised. Especially not now with the extra restrictions on what we can and can't carry on an aeroplane. Best to exercise some judgement and use parental guidance for this job.


You Have to Sort All the Holiday Documents

One of the worst things about being a parent packing for your kids, is that you have to do all the washing, ironing and buying of toiletries before you go away. You have to make a list of what to pack and you have to get the right documents sorted out too. It's not too bad if you are staying in Europe (for the moment) as you don’t need visas and the EHIC card allows you and your family access to medical care. But if you are going further afield make sure you have the right papers and insurances for your trip. Also don't forget to get the correct immunisations for you and your family - including Malaria tablets if you are travelling to these destinations.


You Need Emergency Food

Another really fun thing about travelling with kids is that they can become really picky about what to eat when they are away from home. It's funny to witness the change in your child who is typically raiding the fridge, whenever you turn around, to someone that does not like anything. For this reason, I like to take an emergency stock of cereal bars or something else that I know travels well and that the kids will like. Just be sure to check whether you’re allowed to take these in your luggage to your destination.


You Probably Have a Whole Bag Full of Sun Cream

Another truth about packing for a holiday with the kids is that if one of your suitcases is not at least half full of sun cream, then you are not taking enough. It's vital to keep the kids protected from the harsh glare of the sun on holiday and mine seem to use loads of the stuff. Get the ones with colour in so you can see where you have applied it and make sure it's waterproof, because you know they’ll spend most of their time swimming. If they can't swim yet, it might be worth thinking about getting them a few lessons before you go away.


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