Helping Kids Succeed: The Secrets to a Happy Childhood

03 Aug 2016 Posted by: Jamie Marsh

Life has a bad habit of throwing big challenges our way when we least expect it. Preparing for them is really hard, but could be the best way to ensure success. Helping your child prepare for their own life challenges as they grow is something every parent is keen to do. Of course, nobody can predict the future.

However, there are plenty of ways you can provide your child with the best chances of success in life:

  • Nurture Their Talents

It doesn’t matter if you see no future career in their favourite pastimes. Showing your child that you care about their passions is really important. There are lots of ways a child can succeed with their hobbies, even if they never generate an income from it. It is the sense of achievement and overcoming challenges that matter most. This practice sets them up to become hard workers that will be tenacious in their tasks, whatever job they take.

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  • Pick the Best Schools

A good education is so important to a child’s academic success. If you’re concerned about the quality of the schools around you now, why not move to an area with a good school nearby? Once you’ve set your heart on a school, it’s important to check the neighbourhood is also a good place to raise your kids. You can learn about it from Entwistle Green and other property experts in the area. Ideally, you will find a home that has nearby play parks and a great community to enrich all your lives.

  • Your Example

For most of their childhood, your kids will look to you for examples of how to behave. The adage ‘lead by example’ really is true here. If you are seen to embrace lifelong learning by reading textbooks or taking classes, your kids will likely do the same. If you show you care about their school marks, your child will also take more care to keep them up. The same can be said of your eating, sleeping, and exercise habits too. Show them a successful parent, and they will strive to do well too.

  • Good Friends

While you can’t pick your child’s friends, you can illustrate good friendship by keeping good company yourself. You can also organise study groups or playdates with children you are inspired by. The more social contact your child has, the more friends they should have. This prevents them falling into small groups of bad influencers. Instead, they have a more rounded social circle. It should be filled with lots of different kids from different backgrounds and interests.

  • Love

Your love will help your child succeed more than anything else. Failures are a part of the learning process. When a child knows they have the safety and security at home to allow failures to occur, they will be more willing to try things, whatever the result. And the more the try, the more they can succeed. You won’t love them more for succeeding, and your love won’t falter if it all goes wrong. Be sure to remind your little ones that there is room for error.


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